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Deluge Water Systems

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The purpose of a deluge system is to quickly control the expansion / spreading of fire to adjoining areas and ensures cooling of the affected area. It includes both Medium and High Velocity Water Spray and foam water deluge sprinkler system. In these systems, sprinklers are of open type. They are connected to a dry pipe downstream of deluge valve. The deluge valve is connected to a main water supply pipe line through an isolation valve and is kept separated by closing the waterway through pressurization of the diaphragm chamber of the deluge valve, by hydraulic pressure connected to a pressurized water supply pipe line. Release or activation of deluge valve can be achieved thru manual release of pressure in the diaphragm chamber or thru electrical actuation of a solenoid valve connected to the diaphragm chamber pressure release line. Upon release of pressure inside diaphragm chamber upstream pressure overrides the downstream pressure and releases the water from an array of open nozzles connected to the deluge valve through a range of pipes. Deluge valve works on the differential pressure principle. Actuation of the deluge valve can be achieved by activation of Fire detection devices and can be supervised for release thru a pressure switch connected to the fire alarm panel.


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