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The master clock is a programmer designed to transmit reliable, consistent time data to a network of analogue or digital LCD and LED clocks.

Provide synchronized central clock solutions to industries such as transport, banking or manufacturing where accurate time is key and critical information. We do conventional, IP based, wired and wireless clock solutions with GPS synchronizations through analogue and digital clock displays.

The master clock also programs bell systems, lighting, heating, air conditioning and access control across wired or radio (DHF) networks.

IES offers the most comprehensive systems, scalable to the highest management capacity, whilst incorporating a wide range of additional features. It can be adapted to independent blocks and residential areas and can be combined with other systems.

Our engineers follow the latest codes and industry trends and coordinate with manufacturers to meet our stringent demands. At IES we offer only the best, with a relentless emphasis on providing high quality systems, whilst ensuring maximum savings for our customers.


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